Beautiful Apple Sauce

It is a family tradition to make apple sauce, juice and dried apples every year in the fall.  We pick all the apples and spend the whole day taking turns with the giant press getting the juice out.   At the end of the day every one is sticky and existed.

This year I wanted to experiment a bit.  It was important to  me to make some sauce that did not have any added sugar or sweeteners.  I think I cam up with some good recipes.

All the sauces start out the exact same way.  Just get your favorite kind of apple.  6 to 10 should be plenty.  Cut them into the same size and boil till very tender.  Drain off all the water and then mash with the potato masher or hit a few times with the immersion blender.

I made three different kinds this year and they all turned out pretty and good.  The first batch was apple Mandarin.  I just used the juice from a few cuties and let it reduce a bit with the apples.

The second batch was cranberry apple.  More apple than cranberry so it is sweeter than traditional cranberry sauce.... but just as beautiful.  I used a small bag of cranberries.  I put them in when the apples were almost done and cooked them till they popped.  mmmm

The third batch is my very favorite.  Apple ginger!  It goes with everything from sweets to meats. It is awesome plain or with a dollop of coconut cream.   I just used my garlic press to press some fresh ginger into the apples after they had drained.  ...so good.

See how beautiful?

All of these will seal in a canning jar if you pour them in while they are still hot.  Easy and beautiful.... I think they will make great gifts for the unexpected "pop ins"  this holiday season.