She walks in Beauty...like the night

Once Upon a time...

In the mid-1300s The king of Hungary took compassion in the Gypsies and offered them protection as they pedaled their products and potions across Europe.  The grateful gypsies bestowed may things on the King, One of which was a magical potion for his daughter Elizabeth.

The potion was delightful and tropical.  It did everything... I mean everything.  It is amazing at tonifying the skin, nourishing the hair, it relieves headaches, I can be used as after shave, foot bath, and mouth wash.  It is considered ideal for all skin types.  at one time they used it topically as a liniment for arthritic, gouty, and paralyzed limbs to improve circulation.

The legend goes that the potion so enhanced her beauty that Elizabeth had 25 marriage proposals in her elderly years. (couldn't be because of her money)  When she was 72 years old the king of Poland ask for her hand in marriage.  He was only in his early twenties.

Don't you just want to get some of this potion in your hot little hands???

Well you are in luck!  No matter what you believe about the origins of the Queen of Hungary Water it is easy to make, inexpensive, and incorporates many of the herbs that are in your garden.  It actually is a wonderful beauty product and makes a nice gift.

The original version was made with vodka or brandy.  However, if you live in the desert or have dry skin use vinegar for a less drying effect.

You need:
6 parts lemon blam
4 parts chamomile
4 parts rose petals
8 parts calendula flowers
3 parts comfrey leaf
3 parts elder flowers
1 part rosemary leaf
1 part sage leaf
1 part orange or lemon peel
vinegar or vodka

Place the herbs in a glass jar and cover with vinegar or vodka.  Place some wax paper under the lid to keep it from using.  Allow the mixture to sit in a sunny window for one moon cycle.  (about a month)  Spin the jar clockwise daily.  Strain the herbs out and toss or compost.   Bottle the remaining liquid, adding 1/2 cup rose water or orange flower water. (hydrosoul)   If you have very oily skin use witch hazel instead.  Pour into a pretty bottle and enjoy.  There is no need to refrigerate.  This is a lovely product that brings health and nature into your self care rituals


Roasted roots

So you are having a party or need some carbs for a run....What to serve when you don't eat mashed potatoes any more and you refuse to make the sticky sweet marshmallow sweet potato goo?

These roots are a savory alternative.

sweet potato
olive oil

*before going primal I also put a bit of brown sugar

Chop sweet potato, parsnip, and carrot so they are about the same size.  Spred them out on a cookie sheet.  Cut the shallots length wise so they look pretty.  Grate the fresh ginger on top. Note* the ginger really makes the dish so it has to be fresh.  Add salt, pepper, and spices.  Drizzle the olive oil generously over the top.

The best way I have found to coat this is to use you hands and toss everything. (I have heard that is the best way to get the Love in to a dish)  Spread so they are even on the sheet and pop in the oven at 350. 

Turn them once with a spatula at about 20 minutes.  The roots may take up to an hour to cook depending on how think you cut them and if you want the edges to be crunch or not.

There is just something about the ginger, parsnip, and shallot that is amazing and soulful.  This dish just sings! 


Rose hip stretch mark cream.

When I was expecting my daughter Grandma Melva made me  rub this goo on my belly and legs every day.   She had 6 children the "real" way so she knew a thing or two about what to do.  This cream is Incredible!  I only have one stretch mark and it is low enough that it is covered by a bikini bottom.

Melva was 80 years old at the time and one of my closest friends.  She also held my hand all day when I was in labor.  I am finding that I miss her right now and wish she was still on the earth.  She answered all my questions about babies...  now I wish I had her wisdom on teens.  So the least I can do is share her recipe with my friends that are expecting...

* This cream is not only good for stretch marks it is great for dry desert skin, and seems to speed the healing of minor cuts and abrasions. 

1/4 C. jojoba oil
2 T. rose hip seed oil
1 T vitamin E
2 T. Shes butter
10 drops frankincense essential oil
10 drops neroli essential oil
10 drops calendula essential oil

Heat everything except the essential oil in a sauce pan on low heat.  Stir until the shea butter is just melted.  Remove from heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes, then add the essential oil and stir to blend.

Pour into container(s), and cap.  It takes about a day for the mixture to set to its finished texture.

You do not need to keep this in the fridge, but it only keeps well for 8 to 12 months.  Don't worry you will use it all and wish you had made more.

Melva instructed me to rub a small amount in to my skin (belly, bum, and boobies) twice a day.


Need a loan?

I can see this bank from my mail box.  I snapped this shot one rainy afternoon.  I just think it is so funny.  Welcome to the 21st century!  we no longer have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...  we put in an ATM!


Sweet tarts for your Sweet Heart

Happy Valentines day!!!!  This is the day to grab you sweetie and plant a big smooch on him.  It is normal to give a gift of sweets.  This is what my guy gets today.

hazel nuts
coconut oil

coconut cream

(chocolate sauce and honey are optional)

Can I just take a moment and say how much I love love love my new Ninja.  This little blender is a wonderful worker!

First toss the coconut and nuts in the blender and pulse a few times.  Add in the chocolate and cinnamon.  Last add in enough coconut oil for it to hold shape.

Press crust into ramekins or little single serving dishes and set aside.  The ramekins are almost like 3 servings... just perfict to share.

Put blueberries and coconut cream in the blender and whip.  Make a layer in the bottom of the crust.

I like to put a top layer of coconut cream and strawberries.  This is plenty sweet for me, but if you are not Primal you may want to add a bit of honey to the mix.

Place in the fridge to chill and set up.

Garnish with berries or a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Just beautiful!


Sand Flats

We took a walk today and it was amazing.  The sand flats are only about 10 minuets away from the house.  I love this time of year because the town is so slow and sleepy.  You can go just about any ware and not see anyone.... and I actually know the people I do see.

We very seldom have snow so it is really cool to see a bit of it on the ground.

This is the view into Arches National park.

I was so fun hiking on the slick rock.  It is really hard to explain just how big and vast it is out here.

This is a view of the LaSal Mountains. 

This is Potato Salad.  It is one of the favorite places for newbie jeepers in the spring.

More slick rock.

I love this photo!    It was a beautiful day to be out in the sunshine and fresh air.


Pine Nut Green beans

I am a week and a half into my 3rd primal leap.   Read about it  (here).  It is a 30 day plan to get you on the right track.  On week two you have to have a Primal get together.  So I am in the planning faze.  I think I'm going to cook a nice ham or else quail.  One thing I know I'm going to make (even though it is on my cheat list)  is pine nut green beans.

These are SO easy to make.
You need:
green beans
pine nuts
garlic cloves
olive oil

The hardest part is washing and cutting off the stems.  Get a pot of water boiling on the stove while you clean the beans.  Toss them in and boil for 7 to 10 min.  They should get really bright and green.  While the beans are in the water put a generous amount of olive oil in a skillet on medium.  Slice 3 or 4 garlic cloves lengthwise so they are pretty and saute them in the oil.  Toss in a cup or so pine nuts and stirring constantly till they are golden brown. remove from heat and set aside.  Drain your beans and mix in the pine nut mixture. Salt and pepper to taste.  And that's it!

This is so easy and a real crowd pleaser.  My primal friends love it, my vegan friends love it, as well as my family who have their own conventional way of eating ....  and best of all it is Easy and keeps my stress down.


Locks of Love!

I just did the funnest thing ever.  3 of my friends came over and had me cut their hair off for locks of love.  they thought it would be a cool way to celebrate Valentines day and share a little love.  Jenny had hair down to her hips.  We cut 2 feet off and it was still long.

Locks of love is a charity that makes prosthetic hair pieces for children under 21 that have lost their hair due to medical conditions.  Most salons will cut and send in your hair if you would like to do it too.  Locks of love  need at leas 10 inches of hair, so make sure you are ready when you go in.

Check them out here.  The photo gallery is awesome.

Shannon was kind enough to send me her pix.  Some little kid just got hooked up with all that curly hair.

Hubby made dinner!

I know you are thinking "how romantic".   Well kind of...  You see it was a MANs dinner and as such had no fluff and extras.


Broiled steak, as it turns out, is way quicker (and tastier)  than fast food.  Who knew?  All Hubby did was rub them down with a mixture of sea salt, cracked pepper, and a little garlic.  I assume you could use any rub that you like.  Then he popped them in the broiler for 12 min and then turned them for another 6.  The turned out rare medium rare.

The broiler pan was a new thing to me.  It is pretty cool.  The steak sits on the rack on top and all the fat that doesn't stay in the meat drips down into the holding tray in the bottom.  It was super easy to run the fat through a strainer and save the tallow for a later use. 

Here is a closer look.  These T bones were so big they covered the whole plate.  I am thinking that is why Hubby thought there was no need to make anything as a side dish.


Bath Salts!

Valentines day is just around the corner!  It used to be the day for getting and giving sweet treats and chocolate. 

Since going Primal that is not an option for me.  I am having a hard time justifying giving sweets either.

I came up with a fun idea for gifts.  Bath salts!  Whether you share your bath with a sweet heart or take a solitary soak bath salts will make it better.

It is super easy to make your own bath salts.  You can put them in a pretty bag tied up with a ribbon and use a sea shell as a scoop.  I found these cute little jars at the craft store to put it in.

All you need is:

1 cup sea salt
1 cup baking soda
1 cup Epsom salts
1 teaspoon essential oil(s) of your choice

I used lemon for an energizing bath, but Jasmine or Bergmont would be nice for Valentines day.....

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and store in a glass jar.  I wanted a little festive color so I added 2 drops of food red food color.

For an even quicker and more exciting version try Bath Fizz.

1 cup baking soda
3 tablespoons citric acid  (find it at the craft store)
7 drops essential oil of your choice

Combine all ingredients and put in a pretty shaker for a bubbly bath treat.