Rose hip stretch mark cream.

When I was expecting my daughter Grandma Melva made me  rub this goo on my belly and legs every day.   She had 6 children the "real" way so she knew a thing or two about what to do.  This cream is Incredible!  I only have one stretch mark and it is low enough that it is covered by a bikini bottom.

Melva was 80 years old at the time and one of my closest friends.  She also held my hand all day when I was in labor.  I am finding that I miss her right now and wish she was still on the earth.  She answered all my questions about babies...  now I wish I had her wisdom on teens.  So the least I can do is share her recipe with my friends that are expecting...

* This cream is not only good for stretch marks it is great for dry desert skin, and seems to speed the healing of minor cuts and abrasions. 

1/4 C. jojoba oil
2 T. rose hip seed oil
1 T vitamin E
2 T. Shes butter
10 drops frankincense essential oil
10 drops neroli essential oil
10 drops calendula essential oil

Heat everything except the essential oil in a sauce pan on low heat.  Stir until the shea butter is just melted.  Remove from heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes, then add the essential oil and stir to blend.

Pour into container(s), and cap.  It takes about a day for the mixture to set to its finished texture.

You do not need to keep this in the fridge, but it only keeps well for 8 to 12 months.  Don't worry you will use it all and wish you had made more.

Melva instructed me to rub a small amount in to my skin (belly, bum, and boobies) twice a day.

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