She walks in Beauty...like the night

Once Upon a time...

In the mid-1300s The king of Hungary took compassion in the Gypsies and offered them protection as they pedaled their products and potions across Europe.  The grateful gypsies bestowed may things on the King, One of which was a magical potion for his daughter Elizabeth.

The potion was delightful and tropical.  It did everything... I mean everything.  It is amazing at tonifying the skin, nourishing the hair, it relieves headaches, I can be used as after shave, foot bath, and mouth wash.  It is considered ideal for all skin types.  at one time they used it topically as a liniment for arthritic, gouty, and paralyzed limbs to improve circulation.

The legend goes that the potion so enhanced her beauty that Elizabeth had 25 marriage proposals in her elderly years. (couldn't be because of her money)  When she was 72 years old the king of Poland ask for her hand in marriage.  He was only in his early twenties.

Don't you just want to get some of this potion in your hot little hands???

Well you are in luck!  No matter what you believe about the origins of the Queen of Hungary Water it is easy to make, inexpensive, and incorporates many of the herbs that are in your garden.  It actually is a wonderful beauty product and makes a nice gift.

The original version was made with vodka or brandy.  However, if you live in the desert or have dry skin use vinegar for a less drying effect.

You need:
6 parts lemon blam
4 parts chamomile
4 parts rose petals
8 parts calendula flowers
3 parts comfrey leaf
3 parts elder flowers
1 part rosemary leaf
1 part sage leaf
1 part orange or lemon peel
vinegar or vodka

Place the herbs in a glass jar and cover with vinegar or vodka.  Place some wax paper under the lid to keep it from using.  Allow the mixture to sit in a sunny window for one moon cycle.  (about a month)  Spin the jar clockwise daily.  Strain the herbs out and toss or compost.   Bottle the remaining liquid, adding 1/2 cup rose water or orange flower water. (hydrosoul)   If you have very oily skin use witch hazel instead.  Pour into a pretty bottle and enjoy.  There is no need to refrigerate.  This is a lovely product that brings health and nature into your self care rituals

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