Hubby made dinner!

I know you are thinking "how romantic".   Well kind of...  You see it was a MANs dinner and as such had no fluff and extras.


Broiled steak, as it turns out, is way quicker (and tastier)  than fast food.  Who knew?  All Hubby did was rub them down with a mixture of sea salt, cracked pepper, and a little garlic.  I assume you could use any rub that you like.  Then he popped them in the broiler for 12 min and then turned them for another 6.  The turned out rare medium rare.

The broiler pan was a new thing to me.  It is pretty cool.  The steak sits on the rack on top and all the fat that doesn't stay in the meat drips down into the holding tray in the bottom.  It was super easy to run the fat through a strainer and save the tallow for a later use. 

Here is a closer look.  These T bones were so big they covered the whole plate.  I am thinking that is why Hubby thought there was no need to make anything as a side dish.

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