Pore "strip" Mask

As promised here is a Milky beauty potion.

Have you ever tried those Biore' Pore strips?  They are a little sticker you put on your face and then rip off after about 15 minutes and everything that was hiding in your pores goes with it.  Gross right?  and also really wonderful if you happen to have problem prone skin.

The only down side is they come in ((little)) pre-shaped  strips and a box is going to cost $12 to $15 each time.

The good news is you can make your own mask that will work the exact same way that can cover as much or as little of your skin as you want.  It is quick, easy and costs almost nothing.

You have to apply this VERY quickly so wash and dry your face before you start to mix this up.


1T. unflavored gelatine
1 or 2 T.  milk or cream

In a disposable container measure out the gelatine.  Mix in the milk till you get a chunky/grainy texture.  Add more milk if you are uncomfortable with the chunks.

Put it in the the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds.  It should be a bit creamier when you take it out.  Give it a quick mix.   Use a Popsicle stick or a disposable spoon to Immediately spread it on your face. (or any other place you want)

It sets up quick so go super fast!

Let it set for 15 to 25 minutes depending on how thick you applied it  You will know when it is ready because you won't be able to move your face at all with out the feeling that you are going to break something. 

Start at the edge and peel it of quickly.  You should feel almost hairless and squeeky clean when you are done.  I always follow up with a dab of coconut oil on my skin because I have 30somthing skin and I need the extra moisture.  A toner afterwards would be nice too.

*** Warning- Do NOT put this mask on your  lips, eyelids or the delicate skin around your eyes.

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Michael & Susan said...

Hey just found yr blog and i love it!so i wanna try out the mask thing but we don't use a microwave ,is there another way to heat up the mixture and how long would it be?