Luscious Lemon scrub

It is the time of year for chapped lips and rough elbows.  If your skin is in need of a little TLC try this scrub.  You will be so happy you did.  This scrub is one of my favorites.


1 1/2 t. olive oil
1 T. raw honey
3 T. sugar
1/4 fresh lemon
This makes enough to do your face.

Mix everything in a small bowl and use your fingers to scoop up the scrub and rub it into your skin.   Rub in a circular motion till you see that the skin is nice and pink.  You are going to want to let it set on the skin for a minute or so before you wash it off so just set back and enjoy the refreshing sent. 

This should leave you feeling polished, pampered and moisturized.

Other scrub ideas.


T cups

I think the best food is simple and natural.  It is better for your body and somehow it always tastes better when you know what it is.

Tomato cups are a favorite in our house because they are quick and easy.  You can fill them with anything your little heart desires and they will still taste great.  They are also really pretty and that is just as important to me.

I came up with a new recipe this week when looking at what was in my bountiful basket and it was worth sharing.

6 medium tomatoes
1 small cucumber, chopped
2 celery sticks, minced
3 green onions, chopped fine
1/2 cup fresh parsley, minced
1 t. fresh mint, minced
1/2 cup pinenuts
1 T. lemon juice
1T. olive oil
tamari to taste (optional)

With a sharp knife, cut the tops off the tomatoes and save them for a garnish if you want.  scoop out the middle of the tomatoes and add the pulp to the other ingredients and mix well.  fill the tomatoes and place to tops back on. 

 Other ideas we love are to fill the T cup with all the ingredients for a taco, seafood salad or  Tabbouleh.

Try this one!  You will love it if  you let your imagination go.


All day curls with no heat!

I do hair for a living so I am always interested in new products or techniques that will make my life easier or my hair healthier.  Here is one that will do both!  It gives you bouncy curls and beautiful waves with almost no work and no heat.  Amazing!

I have tried this 3 times now and gotten amazing results.  I found that if I put a tiny bit of spray gel in to the hair before I roll it up and don't brush it out, like she does on the video,  It will stay perfect all day and still looks nice the next day!

Sadly, I can't take credit for the idea but it is awesome and worth sharing.  Everyone who has long hair and is a little short on time take a look at this!  (I just think this girl is the cutest.)


Natural Antibiotics- part 2

I am finally getting around to posting the rest of my list of natural antibiotics.  Sorry it took so long.   The first part of the list is Here.


Immune stimulant, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, cell normalizer.

Active against: Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus spp, mycobacterium (tuberculosis), abnormal   cells (with direct application)

Echinacea is exceptionally useful for:
Abnormal Pap test.  whenever echinacea is placed directly on the cells they return to normal rather quickly as long as the treatment is assertive and consistant.

Strep throat.  Direct contact with the back of the throat with a tincture of ecinacea is a great remedy for strep throat.  It actively stimulates the saliva and numbs the tissue it comes in contact with, making it perfect for this condition or any sore throat.

Onset of cold and flu.  It should be used at the very earliest onset when you very first feel the symptoms.   When taken after the full onset of the flue echinacea is not effective.

External wounds.  because of its capacity to correct tissue abnormality echinacea is perfect for this application.

Venomous stings. Echinacea has a long history of being effective against all kind of venomous stings and bites, from bees to scorpions.

Blood infection.  Echinacea is good for this because of its proven ability to stimulate the white blood cell count.

For internal use.  take 30 drops of tincture as often as desired  but not less than once an hour until symptoms stop.

External use.  
For Bites- mix equil parts tincture and water. Apply every 30 minutes.
Wash-    Boil 2 oz. ground herb with 8 oz. water for 1 minutes.  Let steep for one hour, strain and then wash wounds.
Powder- powder dried seed heads or root as fine as possible and sprinkle over wounds.  best herb combination is with goldenseal, usnea, oak or worm wood.

Side effects-   do not take if you have autoimmune disease or are allergic to any of the daisy family.

Generally the essential oil is used but the whole plant is effective.  the bark and leaves can be harvested any time of year.  Use the younger, less sickle-shaped leaves and young branches.

Actions  Antibacterial, antimalarial, antifungal, antipyretic, antiseptic, stimulates the mucous secretions, diaphoetic.

Active against:  Malaria, staphylococcus, shigella dysenteriae, haemophilus influenzae, enterobacteria, E coli, psudomonas aeruginosa, candida albicans, klebsiella pneumoniae, samonella spp, helicobacter pylori.  The essential oil is effective against just about every microbe.

Eucalyptus is excreted from the body through the lungs and urine.  It is therefore especially useful for upper respiratory and urinary tract infections.   One major advantage of using it is that it has a pleasing smell that lifts the spirit and comforts the sick.

The leaf can be prepared as a tea, powder, tincture, gargle, nasal spray, steam, smoke or douche.  The essential oil is used as an inhalant for aroma therapy.

Tea- Use externally as a wash for infected wounds.  Use internally for colds, sore throat, bronchial congestion, fevers and chills.

Powder- Dust on infected skin, wounds, and ulcerations as needed.

Tincture- fresh herb 1:2 with 95% alcohol, dried herb 1:5 in 65% alcohol ; 10 to 30 drops in water for the same conditions as tea.

Gargle- 30 drops tincture (or 5 drops essential oil) in one oz water.   Mix up nasal spray the same way.

Steam-  Boil 3 to 4 oz herb in one gallon of water. remove from heat and inhale steam.

Side effects-  drinking too much tea can cause intestinal cramps.  The essential oil can be toxic if taken more than 5 drops at a time.  The oil can irritate the skin if used with out a carrier oil.

 The roots should be harvested only after  the seeds have ripened and only from plants that are 3 years or older.

Note!  Use alternatives when ever possible because goldenseal is an endangered plant.

Actions-  Antiseptic, antibacterial, antihemorrhagic,  antifungal, antiamebic, astringent, expectorant, diaphoretic, mucosal anti-inflammatoryand stimulant.

Active against- Staphylococcus, vibrio cholerae, streptococcus, pyogenes, shigella spp, candida, E coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, samonella,  corynebacterium diphtheriae, tuberculosis, giardia lamblia, trichomonas vaginalis and many others.

With this herb more than any other, it is possible to find conflicting information and perspectives.  some consider it to be an amazing immune stimulant and some do not.  For now I won't go into it. I will just say that  I am a believer when it comes to my own husbands sinus infections.

Golden seal seems best used for these purposes:  active infection, inflammation or ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract, active infectionof the sinuses, vaginal infection, as a general tonic for the mucous membrain.

Powder- apply to cuts scrapes,and wounds.

Tincture-  1:2 in 90% alcohol.  15 to 30 drops 4 times a day.

Tea- use for a wash for viral or bacterial eye infection.

Snuff-  3 times a day for up to 7 days.

Side effects-  never use during pregnancy.

Grapefruit seed Extract

Actions- Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, anthelmintic, antiparisitic.  Of all the herbs, it is perhaps the only True "antibiotic", the literal meaning of which is "antilife".  this is the only thing that has helped my daughter with her candida overgrowth that was caused by pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Most of the the studies on GSE have been done in a lab and not on human beings so I am not going to list everything it is active against (that is everything... EVERYTHING)

Grapefruit seed extract and garlic are the two most powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics available for use.  In descending degrees of potancy, they are followed by eucalyptus, juniper, usnea, cryptolepsis, and wormwood.  GSE also is better at healing yeast, fungi, and organisims than garlic because only small doses are needed.  

Dosage- 3 to 15 drops in a glass of water.  2 to 3 times a day. 

Side effects-  GSE will  kill off intestinal bacteria so you must take care to replace it with fermented foods and probiotics.

Gather the berries and needles any time of year. 

Actions- antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal, carminative, anticatarrhal.
Active against- staphylococcus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella dysenteriae, streptococcus spp, E coli, candida, samonella.

These evergreens have been used in every culture on Earth for purifying and cleansing: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It represents "Incorruptibility" and has been used for preventing decay for millennia. It has been used in saunas and sweat lodges by nearly every culture to help prevent or cure illness.

The berries are used to treat Urinary tract infections.  The berries and needles are used for upper respiratory infections.

Tincture- 5 to 30 drops up to 3 times a day.

Tea-  can be used as a general tonic, for food poisoning, or for upper respiratory infection.  Also use as a wash for wounds.

Berries-  1 to 5 berries per day for two weeks for gastric problems.  2 berries before and after administering to a person who has an air-born illness.

Powder- used as an incense and to cure infection of the skin.

Food- crumble berries or dice needles and cook into food.

Steam- 4 oz. of herb in 1 gallon of boiling water.  remove from heat and inhale the steam.

Essential oil- 8 to 10 drops in 8 oz of water.

Side Effects- High doses can irritate the kidneys.

Not available in the wild in north america.  (buy it commercially)
Active against- malaria, tuberculosis, bacillus subtilis, staphylococcus, streptococcus sobrinus, S. mutans, samonella, E coli, candida, vibrio cholera, trichophyton mentagrophytesm T. rubrum, toxocara canis.

Don't confuse this herb with the candy of the same name.  The candy contains no herb in it any more because there were some overdose problems. 

Generally licorice is a immune stimulant with antibiotic properties.  the distinct advantage of licorice is its sweetness. Fifty times sweeter than sugar, licorice, when added to herbal concoctions helps to brighten the bitterness of some herbs.  Licorice helps to strengthen the adrenals and bring the body back to a state of vitality.  There is also quite a bit of evidence that it strengthens the thymus gland, one of the most important organs in the immune system.   It is best taken with other herbs to enhance their effect on the body.

Drink in a tea up to 3 cups a day.

grows through out the world.  Collect the above ground plant at any time of year.
Actions- antibacterial, antimalarial, antifungal, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, antihepatoxic, euphoriant, antiamoebic, antipyretic, gastric stimulant, coleretic, bitter tonic, smooth muscle relaxant.
Active against- malaria, staphlycoccus, naegleria, candida, klebsiella pneumoniae, intestinal worms, any amebic organisms, most microbes.

Extremely effective against hot , sore infections of the throat and lungs.  It numbs the pain of the infection and is very cooling.

Tea- steep overnight and drink for up to 7 days.

Side effects- some herbalists feel that wormwood is too dangerous to use because of the thujone that is present.  It has been used in folk medicine for many years with no sign of adverse reactions.  I say that it is a strong herb that should be treated with respect.


Pore "strip" Mask

As promised here is a Milky beauty potion.

Have you ever tried those Biore' Pore strips?  They are a little sticker you put on your face and then rip off after about 15 minutes and everything that was hiding in your pores goes with it.  Gross right?  and also really wonderful if you happen to have problem prone skin.

The only down side is they come in ((little)) pre-shaped  strips and a box is going to cost $12 to $15 each time.

The good news is you can make your own mask that will work the exact same way that can cover as much or as little of your skin as you want.  It is quick, easy and costs almost nothing.

You have to apply this VERY quickly so wash and dry your face before you start to mix this up.


1T. unflavored gelatine
1 or 2 T.  milk or cream

In a disposable container measure out the gelatine.  Mix in the milk till you get a chunky/grainy texture.  Add more milk if you are uncomfortable with the chunks.

Put it in the the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds.  It should be a bit creamier when you take it out.  Give it a quick mix.   Use a Popsicle stick or a disposable spoon to Immediately spread it on your face. (or any other place you want)

It sets up quick so go super fast!

Let it set for 15 to 25 minutes depending on how thick you applied it  You will know when it is ready because you won't be able to move your face at all with out the feeling that you are going to break something. 

Start at the edge and peel it of quickly.  You should feel almost hairless and squeeky clean when you are done.  I always follow up with a dab of coconut oil on my skin because I have 30somthing skin and I need the extra moisture.  A toner afterwards would be nice too.

*** Warning- Do NOT put this mask on your  lips, eyelids or the delicate skin around your eyes.


Happy New Year!

It is 2012!  I'm sure if I take a deep breath and blink twice it will be 2013.  As I get older the days and years seem to be flying by.

This time of year we make new year resolutions and set goals for our self.   It is a really great feeling not to have "loose weight" at the top of my list this year.   With out that old stand by I am having a hard time knowing what to put.  

I have decided that my big picture goal is to be more balanced and organized.  I plan for making that happen is small little steps so it is doable and becomes integrated in my life in such a way that I don't even notice.

The following are the little steps.  I do not promise to do all of them every day but I do promise to do at least one each day.  Join me if you want!

1. De-clutter one thing each day.  Example:  magazines, DVDs, bathroom, closet...
2. Put things back where they go... every time.  Make sure everything has a place.  If I don't have a place for it then I don't need it.  (donate those things to wabi sabi)
3. Fix all the little annoying things like light bulbs that are burned out and color shelf that needs painted.
4. Keep a journal and write down 5 to 10 things I am grateful for or that made me happy each day.
5. Make a list of 20 things that make me happy and try to do one each day.
6. Laugh out loud as much as I can.
7. Always have a book to read.
8. Learn one new thing each day.
9. Stop complaining.
10. Feed my mind with thoughts, words and actions that are more consistent with who I want to be.
11. Create a spending plan.
12. Don't buy things I don't need.
13. For really big purchases sleep on it for a few days first.
14. Turn off the TV.
15. Turn off the computer.
16. Go outside and play.
17. Make a list of all the social things I have on the schedule and cross out anything that does not give me joy.
18. Eat more Greens.
19 Drink more water.
20. Make a list of 20 easy to make meals and keep the ingredients on hand.
21. Make a list of 10 Primal snacks that can go with me if they have to.
22. Move my body everyday for fun as well as exercise.
23.  Do more reps with the weights than I think I can.
24.  Master chin ups and pull ups.
25. Ware the pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps.
26. Meditate and pray every day... remember to be grateful.
27. Think of something positive about my husband and daughter every day and write it down.
28. Make a scrap book of the things we did and the positive things that happened this year and then give it to Jim.
29. Tell people that I love them.
30. Give more hugs.
31. Really listen to people with out thinking about what I am going to say or add.
32. Go for a walk with my family each night.
33. Talk to strangers.  Put myself out there to meet new people.
34. Take a class on something I don't know anything about.
35. When some one upsets me... say so and reset the boundary  instead of cutting them out of my life.
36. No judging until I hear both sides of the story.
37. Do a kind dead every day.
38. Make a point to give praise and approval to those who deserve it.
39. Allow others to have a different point of view and don't take it personally.
40. No comparing anyone to anyone else.  (myself included)
41. Place the best possible interpretation on the actions of others.
42.  Remember everyone is doing the very best they can with the tools they have.

That what I have for now.  I may add to it later.

Jim says I need to put not swear in front of out daughter but I am not going to promise anything on that one.