Happy New Year!

It is 2012!  I'm sure if I take a deep breath and blink twice it will be 2013.  As I get older the days and years seem to be flying by.

This time of year we make new year resolutions and set goals for our self.   It is a really great feeling not to have "loose weight" at the top of my list this year.   With out that old stand by I am having a hard time knowing what to put.  

I have decided that my big picture goal is to be more balanced and organized.  I plan for making that happen is small little steps so it is doable and becomes integrated in my life in such a way that I don't even notice.

The following are the little steps.  I do not promise to do all of them every day but I do promise to do at least one each day.  Join me if you want!

1. De-clutter one thing each day.  Example:  magazines, DVDs, bathroom, closet...
2. Put things back where they go... every time.  Make sure everything has a place.  If I don't have a place for it then I don't need it.  (donate those things to wabi sabi)
3. Fix all the little annoying things like light bulbs that are burned out and color shelf that needs painted.
4. Keep a journal and write down 5 to 10 things I am grateful for or that made me happy each day.
5. Make a list of 20 things that make me happy and try to do one each day.
6. Laugh out loud as much as I can.
7. Always have a book to read.
8. Learn one new thing each day.
9. Stop complaining.
10. Feed my mind with thoughts, words and actions that are more consistent with who I want to be.
11. Create a spending plan.
12. Don't buy things I don't need.
13. For really big purchases sleep on it for a few days first.
14. Turn off the TV.
15. Turn off the computer.
16. Go outside and play.
17. Make a list of all the social things I have on the schedule and cross out anything that does not give me joy.
18. Eat more Greens.
19 Drink more water.
20. Make a list of 20 easy to make meals and keep the ingredients on hand.
21. Make a list of 10 Primal snacks that can go with me if they have to.
22. Move my body everyday for fun as well as exercise.
23.  Do more reps with the weights than I think I can.
24.  Master chin ups and pull ups.
25. Ware the pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps.
26. Meditate and pray every day... remember to be grateful.
27. Think of something positive about my husband and daughter every day and write it down.
28. Make a scrap book of the things we did and the positive things that happened this year and then give it to Jim.
29. Tell people that I love them.
30. Give more hugs.
31. Really listen to people with out thinking about what I am going to say or add.
32. Go for a walk with my family each night.
33. Talk to strangers.  Put myself out there to meet new people.
34. Take a class on something I don't know anything about.
35. When some one upsets me... say so and reset the boundary  instead of cutting them out of my life.
36. No judging until I hear both sides of the story.
37. Do a kind dead every day.
38. Make a point to give praise and approval to those who deserve it.
39. Allow others to have a different point of view and don't take it personally.
40. No comparing anyone to anyone else.  (myself included)
41. Place the best possible interpretation on the actions of others.
42.  Remember everyone is doing the very best they can with the tools they have.

That what I have for now.  I may add to it later.

Jim says I need to put not swear in front of out daughter but I am not going to promise anything on that one.

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