How to make Beautiful Butter

My friend Charlotte has the best job.  She makes fudge and candy all day at the Moab Fudge Factory.  The other day she came by with some Christmas goodies and a big box full of cream and butter.  I ask her why she was giving me the cream and she said that if she even so much as thought about making more fudge right now she would be sick. This Cream was just going to set around till it goes bad unless I wanted to use it for a potion to remove warts or wrinkles or something.....  (see what a good friend she is?)

Yes, part of it will make a nice Beauty potion and the rest will make beautiful butter.

Butter is the easiest thing to make and it tastes way better when you add Love to it yourself.


Heavy Cream
Sea salt  (about 1/2 t. for every pint)

Turn on the mixer on high and walk away.  You have plenty of time to do some house work or put your feet up.  Make sure the cream is not going to splash all over.  Toss a towel over the top if the splash gaurd isn't enough protection. 

Yes, this is the exact way that you make whipped cream.  We are just going to take it a bit further so the liquid and the fat separate.

At some point it is going to look like scrambled eggs.  Your butter is just about done.  Keep mixing till you see that the liquid has separated.  That is the butter milk.  Pour it out and save it for cooking or a Potion.

Run cold water over the butter and massage it with your hands till the water runs clear.    You want to get all the buttermilk out so that your butter will stay fresh longer.

Make sure to rinse in cold water or all your work will go down the drain.   Place in parchment paper and store in the fridge or serve immediately.

See how Pretty it is!

You can garnish it with a sprinkle of sea salt or some chopped herbs  or just use it as is.

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