Locks of Love!

I just did the funnest thing ever.  3 of my friends came over and had me cut their hair off for locks of love.  they thought it would be a cool way to celebrate Valentines day and share a little love.  Jenny had hair down to her hips.  We cut 2 feet off and it was still long.

Locks of love is a charity that makes prosthetic hair pieces for children under 21 that have lost their hair due to medical conditions.  Most salons will cut and send in your hair if you would like to do it too.  Locks of love  need at leas 10 inches of hair, so make sure you are ready when you go in.

Check them out here.  The photo gallery is awesome.

Shannon was kind enough to send me her pix.  Some little kid just got hooked up with all that curly hair.

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