Heating Pillow

Autumn is here!  It is my favorite time of year.  As the leaves change color and the storms roll in I end up feeling cold and achy at night.  My body seems to think I am not a cold weather person.  I know you are thinking that it never gets ((THAT)) cold where I live.  It is true!  The good news is the heating pillows help me be less of a baby.

These pillows are terrific for:
Hand warmers for anyone who wears gloves in the cold (hunters, skiers, hikers, or as you get into your car in the morning)
Neck wraps to ease sore muscles caused by hunching over the sewing machine.
Easing the pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis.
For sore overworked muscles.
Easing PMS cramps.
Helping breastfeeding moms lower their milk and comfort sore breasts
Cold feet in bed
Keeping food warm on the table or while being transported. Just put the dish on top of the heating bag.

These bags can also be frozen, and used as a ice pack for cold therapy.

No pattern is necessary, simply cut two pieces of cloth in the size/shape you wish your bag to be. Make sure to leave a seam allowance for yourself (about 1/2″).
Some prefer regular square shape bags, others prefer tubes or more rectangular shapes. Experiment, whip up a few different sizes and shapes to try. These are really easy to make as well as cheap!

You can use almost anything to fill your heating pillow.  Some of the options are: 
Uncooked rice
Feed corn
Buckwheat hulls
Flax seeds
Cherry pits
You can also add the following to the above for a soothing fragrant heating pad: Spices, herbs, essential oils. 
Ideas: lavender, rose petals, ground cloves, nutmeg, ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, peppermint oil, crushed mint 
If using: Mix herbs, spices and essential oil with choice heating pad filler (such as rice) and let sit in a sealed container for a few days (occasionally stirring). This will help set and distribute the fragrance a bit.

Cut and sew the fabric for the heating pads the size and shape you want.

Leave an inch or two open on one side so that you can fill bag with your choice of filler. Fill the bag about 1/2 to 3/4 full, more or less as you prefer. Don’t fill too full though, you want the bag to mold itself around your body when you apply it.

 Once bag is filled, sew opening closed either by hand or machine (making sure filler is contained at the opposite side of bag).
If wanting a removable cover, just sew a “pillowcase” idea with your soft, plushy fabric by making it a little larger than your heating pad and leaving an open end (make sure to finish off ends by sewing a hem). Or you can add a strip of velcro to close it. Make sure to never microwave this cover unless it’s content is full cotton. Remove cover to wash as needed.

Place in microwave and heat for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on size of bag. Do not leave unattended “just in case” the filler smokes or starts on fire! As a precaution, you can set a cup of water inside the microwave while heating the bag to add moisture or spritzing bag lightly with water before heating. If you add spices and herbs, this is a good idea to do. 

That is all there is to it.

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