Easy sugar wax

I talk to a lot of women at my job and one thing we All have to figure out is hair removal.

I splurged last year and got myself a laser.  It says that it is painless..... um, no not true.  It feels like getting poked with a strait pin over and over.  I'll keep using it but it is a LONG process and only kills the hair that has enough pigment in it.  That still leaves me with all the blond fuzz.

I choose waxing over shaving this time of year just because I don't like how it feels when my flannel PJ pants stick to my leg stubble.  ((come on... you know exactly what I mean))

If you have the luxury of being able to get away and have some time to yourself make an appointment to have some one do it for you.

If you are like me, and have zero time to yourself, you may want to consider doing it at home.  The good news is it is easy, costs almost nothing and will keep you hair free for 2 - 3 months.  I won't lie to you... it hurts.

Sugaring is not a true "wax" so if you chicken out you can soak it off in the shower.

You are going to need:
white sugar
filtered water
fresh lemon juice
talcum powder
glass bowl
wooden stick or spatula
cloth strips
cooking thermometer

Body wax
2 C, white sugar
1/4 C. filtered water
1/4 C. lemon juice

Heat the mixture in a sauce pan on low heat until your cooking thermometer reads 250 degrees F.  Take off heat and allow to cool back down to room temperature.  Pour the cooled mixture in a glass bowl.

Clean and dry the area you are going to wax.  I like to dust a little powder on my legs first so the wax comes off better and it doesn't hurt quite as bad.

Apply a thin layer of the white sugar wax to a small section of your leg with a wooden spatula.  Cover the area with a waxing strip and push down on the waxing strip to grab as much hair as possible.

Pull the strip off in the opposite direction of your hair growth.  Then place your hand over the area to alleviate some of the pain you experience.

If you don't have that much hair you can sometimes use the same strip for the next section.  Move the strip and rub it really good to get it to stick.  It just depends on your hair type.

If you are worried about ingrown hairs just use a toner or an acne cleanser on your skin when you are done.

It is just that easy.  Good luck!


Jen Dopierala said...

You are awesome, gorgeous girl. Just waxed my legs last week with a bought version of this recipe - I can't wait to make my own.
Love you more every day! xoxo

Bobbi said...

Hey Jen!!! I love you!

If you were closer we could have a wax party. I could use a buddy for moral support.

You can also use honey to wax... but who wants to waste good honey?