Pomegranate Kiss

If you are planning on smooching your sweetheart this Valentines day you my want to make a special potion for your lips so they are sure to be soft and juicy.

We have already talked about sweet lips and how to make minty coco kisses.  Now its time for one more lip smacking recipe!

The color of passion and oh so fragrant and juicy Pomegranates are the perfect ingredient for lip color.

1 t. coconut oil
1 t. shea butter
1/2 t. aloe gel
pomegranate juice
essential oil of your choice

(I made a triple batch here)

In a small sauce pan or a double boiler melt the coconut oil and the shea butter over medium/low heat.

 At this point you have a decision to make.  If you are just adding a small amount of juice you can remove the oil from the heat and mix in the aloe, pomegranate, and essential oil.  If you are going for a darker version with more juice add the aloe and the juice and keep it on the heat till it is cooked down a bit.  5 to 10 minutes will be fine.  Make sure you stir it constantly.

 Add the essential oil last after you are finished with the heat.   I used lemon and it turned out just Luscious.

Place the mixture in an ice bath and whisk it till it is about the same thickness as creamy peanut butter.

This step is Supper Important!  If you don't emulsify this all the color will sink to the bottom of the container and not be pretty at all.

When you are done whisking the mix, spoon it into clean containers and place in the freezer for 5 minutes.  Any container will work.  I save my old eyeshadow containers and they work perfectly!  Other ideas for containers are old lipstick tubes, pill boxes,  film containers, tiny tupperware and tins like altoids come in.  Really you can use what ever you dream up.  I like to have something that seals tight to keep it from going bad.

Note:  If you are worried about it going bad you can add 1 or 2 drops of citrus seed extract as a natural preservative.

Isn't this beautiful?  I played around with the color a little.  I like both the lighter and the darker color.

If you want to make this mix more "man friendly"  don't add any color and pick an oil like mint or cinnamon.

When this is all set it turns opaque because of the shae butter.  Don't worry, your lips will not look like bubble gum.

This lip balm melts the instant it hits your lips and makes them feel amazingly moisturized with just the right amount of color.

I LOVE this one!


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