Eggs on the BBQ

My husband thinks anything can be grilled....  even eggs!  This time of year I am grateful to have all the heat outside of the house so I am game to try any new ideas.

Eggs don't like me that much but, I don't mind making these for my family.  Look how cute these are!  Jim says with a little salsa these are smoky and delicious.


1 large bell pepper, the bigger the better
2 eggs
Hot sauce or salsa
salt and black pepper to taste

You’ll need the bell pepper to sit stably on the grill, or else the raw egg will spill out and make a tragic mess. Place the pepper flat on your cutting board and slice in half parallel to the board. Scrape out the seeds and placenta (yup, that’s really what it’s called), being careful not to pierce the outer wall.

Crack an egg into each half of the pepper. Try to distribute the egg into the whole cavity.
Place the filled pepper over the hottest part of the grill. It tastes best with the pepper’s skin charred. Close the grill. If you’re going to eat it with a knife and fork, cooking it to over-easy is fine. But if you’re going to serve it as finger food, cook it a bit longer, so you don’t have a runny yolk. It’s great on its own, but better still with hot sauce, salt and a little black pepper on top.

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Chuck said...

great idea...thx for sharing