Since I have started following the Primal Blueprint it has been one adventure after another in cooking.  This year I have learned how to use the BBQ, I have learned how to use the broiler, and also I learned that the crock pot is the best invention ever.

Part of healing my body from my spider bite and now from fibroids involves using the best (chemical fee) ingredients I can.  I feel so lucky that we have a garden and my parents are really generous to us and keep us stocked up an beef.

Just a short walk from my house is this little shop.

Isn't it cute?  As it turns out ...  there isn't a "Geezer" at all.  It is really two sweet ladies that work there.  They have natural and organic meats.  Some of them are a bit more exotic than you can find at the super market.  like bison burger and steak, venison, and elk.   I saw that there was a pack of Ostrich jerky... no I didn't dare try it.

I settled instead on a nice big organic ham.  I know those little oval shaped hams you can buy are not really meat they are more like glorified lunch meat. That's not what I wanted.   I have cooked a spiral ham before and it turned out good but I wanted to splurge on something better. 

This ham I got from the Geezer was not spiral cut but the girls told me how to cut a ham and sent me on my way.

The basic cooking instructions were the exact same.  Heat the oven, put the ham in a roaster and pop it in the oven for a few hours.  The first thing I noticed was that it had two bones in it not one like the spiral ham did.  (they must remove it?)

I didn't want any glaze on it and I think it looks pretty.

 The next thing I found that way different is the fat.  They must remove the outside fat from the more processed hams because under the skin of this one was at least a half inch of fat.  I was a bit worried when I saw that, but it came right of when I cut the ham.  I just tossed it but I am sure there is some use for it.  I do think it helped keep the ham nice and moist.

I'm learning lots of new things this year and it is kind of fun!

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