Bacon stir fry!

I'm a busy mom.  I think all moms have a lot on their plate.  This is a quick and easy (primal G/F) meal that really pleases my crew.  Lets face it....  bacon makes every one happy.

summer squash  yellow, green or both
coconut milk
salt and pepper.
nutritional yeast (optional)

First cut the bacon in to 1 1/2 inch pieces and put in hot frying pan.  Stirring as needed.
Cut up the onion and toss it in the pan.
Cut summer squash and put that in.  Stir till squash is tender.
Add herbs of choice
Add a big blob of coconut milk.
I save the tomato for last because I like it just warmed not coked.
salt and pepper to taste.

I put nutritional yeast on mine.  It is a comfort thing....

MMM! You are going to love this one!  Not only is it beautiful and tasty, it is quick and handy.

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