So here we are counting down to Halloween.  The kids are all talking about what they are going to dress up as.  My hubby is telling me to make sure and pick up an extra bag of snickers and not to give it out till last.  (so he can have it all) 

This got me thinking about masks we ware.  On any given day I put on my mommy mask, professional mask, lover mask, best friend mask.  When I go to the in-law's house for dinner I put on my polite smiley mask.  all of these are a different facet of who I am. 

So in honor of bringing out the True You I am going to dedicate this week to body beautifying masks.

Here in the desert southwest masks are used in all kinds of rituals.  Usually for some kind of purification or to honor the ancestors. Clay is especially valued for its color and its ability to absorb animal, mineral, and botanical pigments.  This makes it amazing body paint.  Just a short walk from my house you can harvest your own clay right out of the earth.  It comes in 4 colors that have different properties depending on what you want to do with it.  (I'll get into each one of them some time this week)

For cosmetic purposes it is used to deep clean the skin.  Depending on what you add masks can be used to increase circulation, remove toxins, tone and tighten, exfoliate, hydrate, calm inflammation, and soften the skin.

Masks can be made from so many natural ingredients. For today we will be using green/blue clay.

Purifying mask   recipe by Grandma Lou down the street who also showed me ware to get the clay.

2 T. green clay
Pure aloe vera juice
2 drops chamomile essential oil

This mask is best for oily, inflamed, or mature skin.  It is also amazing for a spot treatment for acne.  It removes the excess oil from the skin and as well as the toxins.

Grind your clay into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle. 
Add enough aloe to make a smooth paste, but not too runny.
Add the oil and mix well.

It should look something like this. 

Tie your hair back so you don't get it in the mask.  (the mask is not good for your hair and will dry it out)  Use a make up brush or your fingers to paint it on your face.  Avoid the eye area and lips because you don't want to dry them out.  It will be dark Green as you put it on and will go lighter as it dries.

Wow! I am a looker! 

Put your feet up for about 20-30 minuets or so and let it tighten and dry completely.  Then wash face and follow with a moisturizer.  I love using coconut oil.  Your face should feel squeaky clean and be nice and Rosy when you are done.

Here is to the real you!

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