the best "trick" ever!

Yesterday I woke up with the worst bite on my arm.  I am not sure if it was a spider or the a mosquito on crack.  It was right in the inside of my elbow so every movement I made bugged it.

Thank goodness that grandma Jean was one of my clients.  She told me to brew up a strong cup of tea and put the tea leaves on the bite over night.  she said it would pull the poison out.

A few years ago I almost lost my leg to a brown recluse bite so I was really freaked out and motivated to try anything that didn't involve cutting my skin off.

So I did just as she instructed.   I put the tea leaves on my all day and over night.  Guess what?  It worked!  Today it is just a small red bump. I am going to keep the tea poultice on it today though.  Whoo hoo! Thanks Jean!

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