fried green tomatos disaster (take one)

With the autumn came the frost.  The garden is gone and I find myself with buckets of green tomato's.  If you bring them in soon enough they will get ripe on the counter.

I thought I would "primalize" one of my favorite comfort foods.  Fried green tomatos!  ummm....  at least that is what I wanted to do.  It turned out to be a big flop.  I did get some good ideas and I will be trying it again.  for now I'll just share the disaster with you.

So the way grandma does it is with a corn bead batter... that is not going to work now that I have gone primal.  so I thought to dip them in egg and ground nuts with a little salt and pepper. I used coconut oil to fry them up.

The nuts cooked a bit faster than I thought I would.  So I had to remove the ones in the pan about half way through cooking because I was afraid that every thing would taste "smoky".

I used the nuts I took out to make a quick coconut milk gravy.

I think it was ok.  I could live on it if I had to, but it was far from the comfort food I remember.  I am thinking the next time I try it I'll do a take on a BLT and use bacon.  Maybe make it into a deconstructed kind of salad?

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