Goblin stoppers!

When I was in kindergarten Ryan Hansen went into the forbidden zone and got toys while the teacher was out of the room.  when she came back he told her that (I) was the one who had misbehaved.  this hurt me deeply.  I was an only child up to that point so I had no concept of lying, cheating, and manipulating to gain attention and approval.

My mind kept spinning on it and I just got madder and madder.

Bless my Grandmother for giving me a goblin stopper.  She explained to me that he wasn't the devil or a big fat lyer pants....  he was just a little boy.  The thoughts I was having of him, however were goblins that would poison my spirit it I didn't give them up.

She gave me a goblin stopper that was basically a bone bead on a red string that was tied around my wrist till it fell off.  Every time I would have that mind spin that would keep me up at night I would feel the stopper and think of the special meditation she taught me and set my soul free.  Thanks Grandma!

This year at my Halloween party I ask my guests to make their own stoppers and start the new year fresh.

This year I planted canna lilies in the back yard and they did great!  So I decided to use the seeds as the beads and not bone.

They come out of these spiky pods and they are just beautiful.

Hubby provided the tools to drill the holes in them. 

It took Way longer than I thought it would.

They turned out good I think.  As you can see...  I have quite a few Goblins that I am dealing with.  My goal this year is to deal with each one.  Wish me luck!

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