Sweet tooth

I was driving around town two nights ago and I saw this woman running.  I glanced down at the thermometer  in the car and it said it was 22 degrees!  I thought "that was me last year".  Running miles and miles in the freezing cold just so I could eat and not feel guilty.

Not this year I have embraced the primal life and set myself free.  It feels amazing.

I made it through thanksgiving!  I am pretty proud of myself for staying 100% primal.  I left the rolls and the pies alone.  I got on the scale today and it said I had lost 2 more lbs.  whoo hoo!  (It has been over a week since I have checked)

I say it is time for a treat.  This is my favorite thing to do when I get the sweet tooth or a PMS craving.

Take some blue berries, coconut milk, and dark chocolate.  (cinnamon optional)

Put the beautiful blue berries ina bowl

Then smash the heck out of them till they are juicy.

Add the coconut milk and shaved dark chocolate and stir up.  Garnish with berries that have not been smashed and a bit of chocolate.   It feels sinful, but you cam be guilt free knowing that you will only get leaner on this dessert.

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