I have been meaning to post about the chickens for a while now. 

This spring my mom decided that it would be really fun and to have chickens to teach the grand kids about having chores and animals.  We are all on board.  (the adults anyway)

I remember having chickens as a kid.  I was really afraid of the rooster and for some reason getting eggs always made me itchy.   (I just found out this year that I have an egg allergy)

Jim made this cute little chicken house.  See the side door where you can reach in and get the eggs?  Pretty smart...   I think he did a good job.  This is just where the chickens sleep so they are safe.  The rest of the time they are out in the yard. 

These are the little babies that are not quite ready to be out all the time.

Here are the momma chickens.  There job is to eat the bugs out of the garden, but no on told them that so they like to hang out under the pine tree.

It has been fun getting eggs.  We also learned that there are raccoons that would like chickens for dinner.  Grandma has caught several in a live trap.  I bet the chickens are happy they have a house!

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