Artichokes and butter

Don't ask me how I got to be this old and never cooked an artichoke or eaten one.  I have tried the bottled artichoke hearts... Katie makes a really good  dip out of those.

We got 3 of them yesterday and since I have no idea how long they will keep in the fridge I thought I better cook them.

I got out some of my cook books.  Betty crocker, Whole food healing, and the Garden of Vegan all agree.  That is a first!

I was instructed to cut off the top one inch of the choke  and the stem as well.  Then snip all the spines off any leaves at the bottom.  Quickly rinse the artichoke under cold water and then dunk it in lemon juice so it will keep its color.

Chop a couple of cloves of garlic in to large pieces and put in 5 quarts of water to boil.   Add the left over lemon juice to the water as well. 

When the water is boiling put in the artichokes in.  Turn them every so often for 30 to 40 minutes.

When the leaves pull out easily drain them up side down and let cool a bit.   Then remove the fuzzy choke part in the middle.

I melted butter mixed with a bit of garlic powder for dipping.  Other suggestions included mustard and mayo.

They were very pretty sitting on the plate.  They looked like green flowers.  I soon found out that there is no lady like way to eat these things.  We all had butter running down our chins and hands.  If I ever throw a real medieval party where you eat with your hands and toss the turkey leg on the floor for the dogs to fight over... I will defiantly have artichoke on the menu. 

I have decided that the poor guy that discovered how to eat artichokes must have been starving to death.  It wasn't hard to cook but,  for the taste and the amount of food that you get, I think it is not worth doing again.  Just buy the bottle of hearts already cooked and save yourself from the mess!

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