Easy Fruit Salad

Are you kidding me???

That is what Jim said when we dug into our Bountiful basket (thanks mom and Katie)  and saw 21 yellow onions and .... wait for it....  6 more Mangoes!!!!

Jim hates onions and he is beginning to get sick of all my attempts to Cook with mango.  hee hee.

See how big and beautiful they are?

I thought it may be worth showing how to cut a mango.  Mangoes have a really large flat seed inside and the fruit doesn't pull off of it like other fruits.  So the best thing is to cut it out.  Just slice the mango down the middle. 

Use your knife to cut cubes into the mango, taking care not to cut through the skin.  Then push the skin like you are folding a sock.  Cut the little cubes off and toss the skin.

Fruit Salad

1 mango
1 pineapple
1/2 honey dew
fresh mint

Cut mango, honeydew, and pineapple into cubes all the same size.  Finely chop the mint.  Toss all ingredients in a medium bowl.  Make sure to be careful not to squish the fruit.

This is a beautiful and tasty dessert.  It is really hitting the spot on these hot afternoons we have been having. 

Didn't it turn out pretty?   Something about the mint makes this really lovely.


Kathy said...

Looks pretty yummy. I love the bowl. Makes me want some RIGHT NOW!!!!

Katie said...

Sorry about the onion and mango overload. You know there are no onions aloud in this house, (I did hide away a couple. shh don't tell) and we are sick of mango as well, so I have been shipping ours to you for the last couple of times. Sorry, I guess I should stop that:) And don't ask me about the onion situation. It was nuts this week, we usually don't get that many.

Bobbi said...

I'm really grateful for everything! Don't worry about the onions... I shared with Glen and aunt Billie. =)