Walking stick

I made this walking stick one weekend while we were at the cabin.  It is made from an Aspen branch.  The carving is pretty easy as long as you do it in one setting.  One time I tried to carve half of an walking stick one day and the other half the next day.  By the next day the stick was SO hard I almost couldn't scratch it.
I admit it!  Most of the time this just hangs in the beauty shop behind the hood dryer.  I use it more to spank mean dogs off the lawn than I use it for walking with.  Sticks seem to be more helpful in the mountain than on the slick rock.  I do like it though.
My walking stick has just turned from a bright green to this amber color and I think it is really pretty.   It seems  it is true... some things get better with age.

It is spring now and this is the perfect time to make a new one.   It is best to cut a branch off the tree while it is still cold enough for the tree to be dormant.  I could send Jim and Dad to get me one next time they try for "one last snowmobile run".  Bur who am I kidding?  They would forget all day and then half way home in the dark just grab the closest thing to the road.    

Part of the fun, anyway, is going for the hike to find it. 

How to make a walking stick:
Go for a long walk in the forest.  Follow the sound of the water and the birds.  When you get completely lost in your thoughts is about the same time you will be turned around enough to feel lost for real.   This is the time you find the right stick.                                                                       

If you are afraid to be alone and lost just grab the first thing you see on the ground and make a lot of noise.  If you are not afraid then just take out your knife or hand pruners and cut your live stick off the tree.  This will give you enough time  to remember your way home.      

Your walking stick should at least go up to your elbow if not you shoulder.  Too short of a stick will hurt your back.  Too long will get in the way.  It should be big enough to really hold a lot of weight and small enough to be held in you hand easily. 

Decide which end is going to be the down end and use it on the way back.   You will know by then if it is too short or to long. 
Find a comfy chair by the camp fire a sharp pocket knife and carve what ever moves you.  You can leave it just like that or decorate with paint or feathers...whatever you like.  Mine has a citrine on it that  Jim and I found on our Honeymoon.  It always reminds me to find the Joy.

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