coconut adventures

Any one who knows me knows I have a love affair with coconut.  I love coconut oil.  I cook with it, I eat it right out of the jar , I put it on my skin and hair.....   I also use coconut milk every day in my tea.  If I get the munchies I snack on shredded coconut.

I was so happy when my mom gave me a coconut!   Then I got to thinking...

How do you open a coconut???

My vote was to smack it with a hammer.  That is how I fix a lot of things around the house.  Luckily, my hubby had a better idea.  Power tools!   That is how he fixes everything around the house.

He took the dewalt drill and made 3 holes in the top.  I had no idea how much coconut water would come out.  It turns out that it was about 13 oz.   Have you ever tasted coconut water?  I'll tell you the truth, it is really gross.  It is like drinking sweet salt water.

Then he used the table saw to chop the top off.  The coconut meat was so moist and yummy.

I used a spoon to scrape out the coconut.  Now I have a cute little bowl.  I think when it dries I'll use the dremal tool to carve it up a bit and make it really cute.

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