Stairway to heaven

My father in law is building a stairway from the shop to the fish pond.  Glen is just Incredible!!!  He is in his 70s and he gets up at the crack of dawn and works all day till it gets dark.  He builds the most amazing things.  He built a swimming pool, light house, green houses, giant bird house,  a cabin, and a fish pond with a bridge!  This is all in the last 10 years since I have known him.  He has more energy than most 20 year olds.

This stairway goes 110 feet strait up the hillside! 

To give you a little perspective there are 90 steps now and may end up being closer to 95 when he is done.  Glen is a big man standing 6 foot 4.... on the stairs he looks like a child.

This is what is at the top.  A beautiful pond full of gold fish and frogs.  What a wonderful surprise in the middle of the desert.  It is our little slice of heaven.

Here is another angle of the pond looking down the bridge.  If you look close you can see the fish.... and even closer you can see my daughter taking a nap on the grass.

Check back in this summer for photos of the finished stairway.

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