How to get gum out of hair!

Today a friend of mine came over with her little girl...  Not for a visit.  They were both in tears and needed help.  Kayla had a big wad of bright green bubble gum in her hair.  (up on top where you never could hide it)

Now, little boys who get gum in their hair get their head shaved.  They love it, they look cool, and not to much harm done.

Little girls on the other hand....   

So if you find yourself in this predicament march yourself out to the garage and grab the WD40!  I am not kidding.  It works way better than peanut butter.

First separate as much hair away from the gum as you can.  Then pull out any gum that is not attached to any hair.  Next generously spray the gum and hair with WD40 and work it in.  Pull out any gum that comes loose and then spray again.  Repeat till all gum is gone and then wash you hair.

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