Yucca Shampoo

I have not been using shampoo for quite a while now and I have never been happier with my hair.  You can read all about the vinegar/baking soda method (here). 

Here in the Desert Southwest it is very common for the Native girls to use Yucca shampoo. 

Yucca is a desert plant that is associated with the Earth Goddess by the locals.  It is said that having one in your garden promotes balance with nature.  Just like it's blossoms that spring up in the summer it helps us to rise above the prickly painful parts of life and Bloom beautifully.

The Yucca is a leathery plant whose leaves are very sharp and pointed.  It does very well in the hot dry climates here but on the years that it rains.....  Just beautiful!

You can buy the root at a health food store. The dried root works every bit as well for making soap.  If you do decide to dig your own please be careful to save the plant.   This is actually pretty sustainable if we don't kill the plants.  The roots of the Yucca grow in the shape of a capitol T.  Only take one of the arms of the T, the plant will live and you will have enough for a whole year.

Use 2 Cups rosemary (for dark hair) or Chamomile (for light hair) tea.  Mix it with powdered/crushed yucca root.

Use enough on your hair to work up a mild lather.  Keep the left over in the refrigerator.

I tried this and it is just amazing!  It made my hair so shiny and it felt so thick.   It also seemed to bring out my natural curl.  If you want to spice up your No Poo routine I defiantly recommend this one.

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