a field of Milk Thistle

I had the best day yesterday!  I was able to spend it with my Grandmother.  She gave me a million tulip bulbs that I planted down the drive.  She told me the best stories of when she was growing up.  Grandma was the eldest of 10 kids!  She was left in charge of the other kids a lot.

The story that struck me...  and shocked me was about a field of thistles.  She said that her parents were gone over night and they had a field that had not been planted with anything that year.  It had been taken over by milk thistles.  So the kids decided it would be fun/helpful if they .... 

...lit it on FIRE!!!

Grandma said that the thistles smell kind of nice as they burned and they make a loud popping noise a little like popcorn when they burn.

Here is the thing....

their baby sister go too heavy to pack around the field while it was on fire, so they decided to lay her down in a SAFE place that was already  burned. 

After hours of playing and playing the fire finally went out and it was dark.  I mean pitch black.  It was then that they realized that they didn't know where the baby was and it was too dark to see her.  They had to search for her so carefully so they didn't step on her.  In the end they did find her and she was ok thank goodness.

I ask grandma if her mom freaked out about them loosing the baby.  Grandma said "No, she said the baby would have woke up and started crying sooner or later".

Clearly I have a LOT of loosening up to do because the story freaked me out and I thought about it all night.  I think that because K can't talk I am one of those moms that hover and make sure I know what she is doing every moment. 

If you have a milk thistle you may want to check out the popping noise it makes.... or

Use it as a liver tonic.  It is pretty common knowledge that it will quickly remove liver stagnation and indigestion.  It works best on people with heat signs like over weight and red face. 

Mix equal parts licorice root, chamomile, and milk thistle.  Make a cup of tea.   Take on an empty stomach before bed.

*Other herbs the help detox the liver are:
citrus peel
Oregon grape root

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