Natural Hair conditioner

The two things that go bad in my house really fast if I don't use them up are avocados and bananas.   When I was vegan I would make banana bread all the time so I didn't waste them.  I have put may fair share of avocados in the compost pile and that really ticks me off because they are not cheep way out here in the middle of no ware.

The solution! Use them to nourish your hair if you can't use them to nourish your body.

Avocado Conditioner

Avocados hydrate the hair from the inside out.  This conditioner is super easy and excellent for damaged or dry desert hair.

1 ripe avocado
1 t. olive oil
3 drops rosemary or lavender essential oil

Combine the ingredients and massage into your hair and scalp, concentrating on the ends of your hair.  Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse well.

Banana Deep Conditioner

This one makes your hair so soft and silky.  I love how it smells too.

1 cup hot water
1 ripe banana
1/4 C. dried chamomile or rosemary
1 T. coconut oil
1 T. honey

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and apply to your hair.  Leave on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse well.

Try these!  You will be so happy.

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