Lettuce Roll Ups

I used to Love wraps and had one for lunch 4 or 5 days a week.  I have been missing my wraps lately so we have been experimenting in the kitchen.  After a few ideas that failed I figured out a few that do work for me.

I found that the leaves from Romaine lettuce work really well.
First wash them and pat dry. Fill with any of the following combinations. Roll the leaves and secure with a tooth pick.  I have found that wrapping them with plastic wrap and putting them in the fridge for a few hours makes the lettuce stay put a lot better.

This was my lunch today.

mix 1. 
1 can tuna in oil
1 small carrot chopped
1 celery chopped
1/4 red onion chopped
1 pickle chopped

I like to squeeze lemon on mine but it is also nice to add your favorite vinaigrette to the mix or use as a dip.

Lettuce rolls are a kid friendly lunch and my daughter loves to make her own.  Here is her lunch.  She insisted on me posting her photo because it is "way prettier".   I think she did good!

Some of the other ideas we have tried are:

mix 2.
1/2 cucumber chopped
1/4 red onion chopped
avocado sliced lengthwise

mix 3.
1 C. ground walnuts
1 apple chopped
lemon juice

mix 4.
5 T. pine nuts chopped
1/2 C. chopped wild mushrooms
1/8 t flaked sea weed
1 carrot shredded

Really you are only limited by you own imagination.   Have fun!

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