naked face

As promised, here is photo of my naked face for the whole world to see.

The first day of  my experiment was fine.  It was Saturday and I only went out in public a few times.  I am sure everyone just thought that I was busy with yard work.

Experiment Update.
This is what I learned this week with no makeup:
People who don't know me that well don't seem to notice at all.
People who do know what is going on in my life got really worried that I was ((dieing!)).
I got ask a lot if I was tired or in pain.
I also got ask at least 20 times if I had colored contacts in.  When I said I don't ware contacts the response was always..."Your eyes are Really blue!"
It was nice not to have to worry about it in the morning.
I learned that the scar on my face only matters to me.
A big smile and eye contact are the most important things.

So the plan is that I am going to dye my eyelashes as well as my eyebrows so I don't have to worry about it and maybe a little blush will make me look more alive.  It was so great to get some extra sleep on Thursday so I am going to start exercising and showering at night so I can catch some extra ZZZ.

All in all it was a great learning experience!


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful with out your makeup on. Can you tell me what you cannot cook with coconut oil I finally found some and was going to try it. Found your blog off of my moms, it is so great to hear about K, I just love that girl. I am sure going to miss going to grandmas and going and seeing her when she was with your mom. I always got hugs from her. Last time i was there she was teasing Tiffeni and Tiff still talks about it. She sure is a special girl and I love her tons.

Bobbi said...

Danielle, Hi!!! and ((hug))

You can cook almost anything with coconut oil. It has a really high smoke point so if it is not too sweet tasting...anything. I put it on my skin and in my food. All of the old recipes that call for cisco use coconut oil instead and you will be SO happy.

You should know that K doesn't give loves (or tease) just anyone. You have to be really special.

Good luck on your move! xoxo