Today I was getting ready for work and was thinking how much better my hair was now that I don't use shampoo.  How it takes less than 5 minutes to do and that is just awesome!  I started thinking about how much better my skin is now that I have cut out grains, sugar, and dairy.   It made me think that if I didn't put my make up on I could have slept in a little.

I am up all night with my daughter.  If she goes to bed it is midnight and then always gets me up 3 to 4 hours before I feel rested.   Sleep is more precious to me than gold.  Even an extra 15 minutes a week would be a major gift.  If, on the night K stays at grandma's house,  I exercise and take a shower before bed and then don't do make up I could get an extra hour!!! 

So I am going to do an experiment this week.  I'm not going to ware make up!   What if I didn't ware make up???   Would anyone care?  Would anyone even notice?    Would people think that I can still make them beautiful if I just roll out of bed and go to work?  I have put mascara on my eyes every day since I turned 12.  So I have been doing it twice as long as I haven't.  Even though the thought is scary it is also kind of exciting.  Can I make it though a day with out my mask on?

I am going to find out. 

This is a photo of what I use on my face every day.

Moisturizer, essential oil, mineral foundation, setting powder, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss. I also use a lash curler and dye my eyebrows darker.

What if all I used was coconut oil?

I love coconut oil!  I cook with it I eat it right out of the jar and I slather it on my body from head to toe.  I think it is a miracle in a bottle.

This is what I look like today with all my creams and powders on.  I actually think I have a rather subtle and natural look going on.  (it takes a lot of work to look natural) 

I'll post a picture of my naked face over the weekend and keep you up to speed on if anyone seems to notice or not.  If not I may just pick sleep over ritual.  Wish me luck.


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